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Financial Marketers for Financial Professionals:
It Makes Cents

At Umbrella Financial Marketing, we create, implement, manage, and analyze highly effective marketing and client development strategies for financial professionals.

We are a full-service marketing agency with an in-depth understanding of the unique business needs of accountants, wealth management planners, and financial planners. We work exclusively with financial professionals and as a result, have amassed a great deal of highly specialized knowledge and expertise. Led by a team of marketing and accounting professionals, we are financial marketers for financial professionals.

Accrued Experience: Our Approach Stems From Our History

We believe highly specialized professions, require highly specialized marketing. This approach stems from our sister company Umbrella Legal Marketing. Founded by a marketer and a lawyer, with extensive experience working in the business and practice of law, Umbrella Legal Marketing is an award-winning legal marketing company that leverages its team’s vast industry knowledge to create effective marketing strategies for law firms and lawyers across the country. Umbrella Financial Marketing adopts the same approach for a different, more mathematically inclined profession, with its own, distinct team of subject matter experts.

Generally Accepted Marketing Principles

As busy accountants, our clients are focused on navigating the complexities of their profession and managing the needs of their clients. Our job is to design and execute well-rounded custom marketing strategies to help our clients grow their brand and their business.

We assist our clients, small and large, by taking a comprehensive approach to marketing, tailored to the unique needs of accountants and financial professionals that specifically targets business goals. Our job is to design and execute well-rounded custom brand and client development strategies to help firms increase their share of the marketplace and target the type of work they desire. We bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to every client partnership and develop breakthrough ideas, in all shapes and forms with the ultimate goal of generating more and/or better business for your firm. We are tactical and pragmatic, and hyper-focused on our clients' success.

Umbrella Financial Marketing Assets

A strategically targeted combination of diverse marketing efforts yields the best results and the largest possible return on investment. The most effective marketing solutions for accounting firms and financial professionals usually include a variety of ongoing online and traditional marketing, enhanced by public relations efforts, and complemented with local & community advertising. This combination helps your value proposition reach the largest possible target audience and allows your firm to stand out amongst the very crowded and competitive financial services landscape.

We are a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Below are some of the services we offer to accountants and accounting firms.

  • Branding
    • Name, logo, and tagline creation
    • Mission statement/elevator pitch/value proposition development
  • Online Marketing
    • Custom websites
    • Content creation
    • Blogging
    • Social media management and advertising
    • Search engine optimization
    • Knowledge base development
    • Newsletter creation and distribution
    • AdWords
  • Print Marketing
    • Firm stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)
    • Print ads (newspapers,trade publications, TTC, etc.)
    • Advertorials
  • Public Relations and Community Marketing
    • Media appearances and interviews
    • Sponsorships and events
  • Professional Photography and Videography

Maintaining the Status Quo is a Liability

Financial marketing is all we do. As a result, there is nobody better than us at understanding how to market your firm. Whether your goal is to build on your existing business, take your firm in a new direction, or expand your client base to attract a new demographic, we will provide you with the most comprehensive solutions as to how to best market your firm. Let us put our creativity, passion, and industry knowledge to work for you. To schedule a consultation, please email us or click the top-right button to fill out our form.